Colt Technology Services has announced that Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co. Ltd (MRI DCS) is using its Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) and Ethernet solutions for their new service “Dibertas”. Dibertas is a multi-cloud storage service which aggregates data from various environments enabling its customers to access and utilise data across multiple cloud services and on-premises environments. Colt’s DCA and Ethernet solutions underpin Dibertas’ features by delivering higher reliability, data security and lower latency when compared to public internet connections. 

Colt DCA is powered by the Colt IQ Network, which connects over 29,000 on net buildings and more than 900 data centres globally; with over 90 data centres and 2,500 on net buildings in Asia. The Colt IQ Network delivers improved performance, enhanced control, flexibility and scalability, which are critical when accessing core business functions and data.“One of the most important advantages of using Dibertas is that our customers can access their data at various locations securely and quickly. We use our own data centre based on the concept of keeping our customers’ data safe and secure at the specified location. Typically, the server and the storage are in the same place and connected by a cable, but this time, they are in different places and connected by a network. Therefore, we needed best-in-class connectivity. We are satisfied with Colt’s extremely secure and low-latency network,” said Takashi Gouda, Managing Executive Officer Digital Transformation Unit Head, Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co. Ltd.