Colts Case Study on TF1

30. Mai 2024|

Colt's Two-Decade Partnership with TF1 Colt Technology Services recently celebrated a remarkable 20-year partnership with TF1, France's leading free-to-air broadcaster. This collaboration has been instrumental in supporting TF1’s robust and scalable networking infrastructure, enabling seamless high-speed content transfer, cloud access, and disaster recovery solutions. Key Highlights: Comprehensive Connectivity: Colt provides TF1 with high-speed Ethernet lines, IP VPN Multi-Cloud solutions, and Dark Fibre connections, ensuring reliable and efficient data transfer and connectivity. Strategic Planning: The partnership focuses on proactive planning and execution, meeting TF1’s diverse needs, from broadcasting live events to supporting ambitious growth goals. Business Continuity: Colt’s solutions ensure that TF1 can maintain uninterrupted service, even during major sporting events or unexpected disruptions. Markus Fischer, CIO of Sonio, praised the seamless collaboration and the strategic move to [...]

AtlasEdge announce expansion to Portugal

30. Mai 2024|

AtlasEdge is making significant strides with its expansion into the Portuguese market, acquiring two new data center sites in Lisbon. These state-of-the-art facilities will provide over 20MW of IT load capacity, ensuring top-tier performance and sustainability through the use of renewable energy. Strategically located in Carnaxide, near key subsea cable landing points, these data centers will enhance connectivity across Europe, Africa, and Latin America, supporting the region’s growing tech ecosystem. The Lisbon sites are designed for high-density deployments, equipped with AtlasEdge's proprietary AgileEdge strategy for rapid development and efficient operations. This expansion aligns with AtlasEdge’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions, positioning them to meet the increasing demand for reliable and scalable digital infrastructure. AtlasEdge's investment of over €500 million underscores their dedication to becoming a leading [...]

Digital Realty Case Study On Our Customer SONIO AG

30. Mai 2024|

Spotlight on Digital Realty's Case Study of our customer Sonio AG Digital Realty's recent case study features Sonio, a leading IT service provider in Switzerland, and how they achieved significant improvements in their IT infrastructure. By relocating to Digital Realty's Cloud Hub in Zurich, Sonio gained enhanced connectivity, scalability, and security. This move allowed Sonio to efficiently support their diverse customer base, ranging from real estate and science sectors to global enterprises. The partnership between Sonio and Digital Realty underscores the importance of robust digital infrastructure in achieving business growth and operational excellence. Digital Realty's comprehensive ecosystem, including major cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS, enables seamless integration and connectivity. Markus Fischer, CIO of Sonio, highlights the strategic benefits of this move, ensuring business [...]

Verizons Highly Anticipated 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report

30. Mai 2024|

Spotlight on Verizon's 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report We're excited to announce the release of the 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) from our partners at Verizon. This annual report is a cornerstone for understanding the current cybersecurity landscape, providing detailed insights into data breach trends and threats. Key Highlights: Rise in Vulnerability Exploits: Breaches involving exploited vulnerabilities have nearly tripled from last year, indicating a growing area of concern. Human Element: A significant 68% of breaches involved human factors, such as social engineering attacks and errors. Ransomware Dominance: Financially motivated breaches continue to be led by ransomware and extortion, with median losses reaching $46,000 per incident. Third-Party Risks: About 15% of breaches involved third-party or supply chain issues, emphasizing the need for robust vendor management. Industry-Specific [...]

AAA: Exploring Network Redundancy and Backup Solutions

24. April 2024|

Understanding the Critical Role of Redundancy and Backup Lines in Maintaining Uninterrupted Service In the digital age, continuous service is the backbone of a successful business. Network interruptions, whether from system failures or external disruptions, can halt operations, leading to revenue loss and diminished customer trust. This highlights the critical role of redundancy and backup lines in any robust network infrastructure. We aim to provide you with all of the necessary options to ensure your business' success. Service Outages: An Unavoidable Reality Technology, while efficient, can fail. Service outages impact all types of businesses and can be triggered by many factors including natural disasters, system malfunctions, and human errors. The repercussions of an outage can be severe, making a compelling case for strategic preventative measures. Benefits of [...]

Digital Realty’s Collaboration with Microsoft Azure Elevates Hybrid Cloud Strategy

24. April 2024|

New Connectivity Heights with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Metro through Digital Realty As partners with Digital Realty, we're excited to share the news about the launch of Microsoft Azure's ExpressRoute Metro service. This service is a game-changer for hybrid cloud connectivity and is directly accessible through Digital Realty's data centers in Amsterdam and Zurich, where we provide our services. Embracing ExpressRoute Metro ExpressRoute Metro brings to the table a high-resiliency configuration that allows businesses to create a dual-homed setup for increased redundancy. With this setup, clients can connect to two distinct ExpressRoute peering locations within the same metro area, which significantly bolsters network availability and resilience. Dual Connection Advantage The new configuration means enhanced operational continuity for our clients' critical cloud services. By integrating ExpressRoute Metro into their [...]

AtlasEdge Announce Leeds Data Centre

24. April 2024|

AAA Sales Celebrates the Launch of AtlasEdge's New Data Center in Leeds AAA Sales is thrilled to remind readers of the launch of AtlasEdge's state-of-the-art data center in Leeds. This addition marks a milestone in the expansion of digital infrastructure in the UK and reinforces Leeds's status as a key economic and digital powerhouse in the region. A Cutting-Edge Facility for Advanced Digital Needs Just four miles from the heart of Leeds, the newly opened data center is a testament to AtlasEdge's commitment to innovation and excellence. This facility is not just the largest purpose-built data center in Leeds but also the first Tier 3 standard data center in the city, signifying unparalleled reliability and performance. Investment in Regional Growth and Sustainability AtlasEdge's investment of over £13 [...]

Colt Network Stats: Adapting to Hybrid Workforce Demands

24. April 2024|

Evolving Networks for the Hybrid Workforce: A Data-Driven Look Hybrid work models are transforming how we use office space and network resources. Recent data from Colt's London office showcases this change: Even with a drastic drop in devices connected to the network, bandwidth demands have surged, illustrating the resource intensity of modern work practices. Sharp Increase in Bandwidth Amid Hybrid Shift From 720 devices in 2020 to just 115 in 2023, Colt House saw a 139% rise in peak bandwidth consumption, from 120Mbps to a striking 287Mbps. This leap, alongside a 1066% increase in video conferencing use, which now takes up 47% of network usage, reflects the critical role of reliable, high-capacity networks to support common hybrid work applications. The Impact on IT Infrastructure This dramatic increase [...]

Strompreisbreite – eine neue ICT-/DC-Grösse

27. März 2024|

Luzi von Salis ist Geschäftsführer der von salis engineering GmbH und agiert als Interim-Manager, Konsulent sowie als «Business Troubleshooter» im ICT-Sektor. In seiner Kolumne kommentiert und beleuchtet er aktuelle Themen aus dem ICT-Bereich. luzi.vonsalis@vseng.ch Strompreisbreite – eine neue ICT-/DC-Grösse In den Medien wurde letzthin vermeldet, dass der Kanton Baselland sich im Strompreis Einkauf verspekuliert habe und dies nun den Kanton zu 16MCHF Mehrkosten führt. Wir erinnern uns, dass im Jahre 2022, durch den russischen Einmarsch in die Ukraine, der Strom-/Energiepreis von durchschnittlich 6Rp/kWh für kurze Zeit auf 110Rp/kWh hinaufschnellte. Notabene Faktor 18. Der Kanton war bei weitem nicht der Einzige, der in einem sehr ungünstigen Zeitpunkt seine Energie neu einkaufen musste. Im ICT Sektor sind Datacenter bekanntlich auch grosse Stromfresser. Jeder Click und jeder Server beziehen direkt [...]

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