Digital Realty on Lumens new Product: Internet On-Demand

25. Januar 2024|

Lumen Internet on Demand is a service offered by Lumen Technologies, designed to provide businesses with scalable, flexible, and instant internet connectivity. Scalability and Flexibility: Customers can scale their bandwidth up or down in real-time based on their current business needs. This is particularly useful for businesses experiencing fluctuating demand. Self-Service Portal: Lumen’s platform  offers a self-service portal where customers can manage their services. This includes adjusting bandwidth, monitoring usage, and managing costs. Fast Provisioning: Internet services can be activated quickly, sometimes within minutes, reducing the waiting times typically associated with traditional internet service setups. Pay-Per-Use Pricing Model: Customers pay only for the bandwidth they use. This can lead to cost savings compared to traditional fixed-bandwidth models. Benefits of Lumen Internet on Demand: Cost Efficiency: The pay-as-you-go [...]

euNetworks Extended Full Fibre Network

25. Januar 2024|

euNetworks specialize in designing, deploying and operating full fibre networks using new low loss fibre, over unique routes between key locations. For alternative network customers, this supports growth with extended network reach and coverage, ensuring a robust and reliable foundation for your data needs. Extensive UK Network: euNetworks boasts a UK network spanning over 845 km, featuring multiple, unique high fibre route options. This network connects major cities like London, Manchester, Leeds, Lowestoft, and Brighton, optimizing for lowest latency. Metro and Long Haul Connectivity: The network provides direct connectivity to over 125 key UK data centers, offering both Metro and Long Haul services. Diverse Service Portfolio: euNetworks delivers a range of services including Long Haul and Metro Fibre, Colocation, Long Haul Wavelengths, and Metro Wavelengths. Continuous Expansion: [...]

Key Insights from Colt’s Tech Trends and Digital Infrastructure Report

25. Januar 2024|

AI for Value Creation: AI's expanding role in enhancing customer experiences and driving operational efficiency is a central theme for 2024. Network as a Service: The trend towards on-demand digital infrastructure, aligning with flexible networking needs, is increasingly significant. Growth in SD WAN and SASE: Secure and adaptable networking solutions continue to be a focus area, reflecting the need for robust digital connectivity. Security - Zero Trust: With heightened security concerns, the adoption of zero trust frameworks is gaining prominence. Greening Networks: The emphasis on sustainable network infrastructure resonates with global environmental goals and compliance requirements. Insights from the Digital Infrastructure Report 2023: The report reveals a strong consensus among IT leaders on the benefits of intelligent digital infrastructure, including improved business and operational efficiency, reduced downtime, [...]

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