The average cost of network downtime as a result of DDoS attacks is approximately $5,600 per minute (Gartner: The Cost of Downtime 2014). Not only are they extremely costly, but they are continuing to increase in size, with one of the largest recorded attacks reaching a bandwidth of over 2.3TB per second.

The Verizon DDoS Shield offers a sophisticated solution to combat such high-volume attacks. It is a high-capacity, cloud-based DDoS protection service that can detect and divert DDoS traffic from almost any carrier.

The Verizon DDoS Shield is built on extensive network expertise so you can:

  • Detect and mitigate the largest of attacks against virtually any internet-connected service
  • Minimize costly network downtime
  • Maintain business continuity by allowing legitimate transactions to be processed
  • Eliminate financial surprises with no activation fees and a predictable monthly cost

With Verizon and AAA you can lift the burden from your team by detecting and combating potential attacks and distinguishing good traffic from bad at a glance to keep your network, and your business, running.

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