Vertical Systems Group announces that seven companies achieved a rank on the 2022 Global Provider Ethernet LEADERBOARD, with AAA Partner Colt on second place!

In order based on retail port share as of year-end 2022: Orange Business (France), Colt (U.K.), Verizon (U.S.), AT&T (U.S.), BT Global Services (U.K.), NTT (Japan) and Lumen (U.S.). This industry benchmark for multinational Ethernet network market presence ranks companies that hold a 4% or higher share of billable retail ports at sites outside of their respective home countries.

The following nine companies attained a 2022 Challenge Tier citation (in alphabetical order): Cirion (Argentina), Cogent (U.S.), Global Cloud Xchange (India), GTT (U.S.), SingTel (Singapore), T-Systems (Germany), Tata Communications (India), Telefonica (Spain) and Vodafone (U.K.). The Challenge Tier includes companies with share between 2% and 4% of this defined market.

“The market for global Ethernet ports expanded as enterprises continue to add sites to their existing networks,” said Rick Malone, principal of Vertical Systems Group. “DIA additions outpaced other Ethernet services, as enterprises transition to hybrid SD-WAN architectures worldwide.”

Research Highlights

  • Rank positions are unchanged for the top four Global Ethernet Providers on the 2022 LEADERBOARD – Orange Business, Colt, Verizon and AT&T. Share differentials remain slim between these leading providers based on latest port share results.
  • The next three LEADERBOARD positions have shifted due to Lumen’s divestiture of Latin American assets, which included a sizable Ethernet base.
  • As a result, Lumen drops from rank position #5 to the #7 position. BT Global Services advances to the #5 position from #6, and NTT moves up to the #6 position from #7.
  • The 2022 Challenge Tier expands from eight to nine companies with the addition of Cirion, which acquired global Ethernet ports from Lumen.
  • Our research shows a steady uptick in the number of net new Global Provider Ethernet ports installed during 2022.
  • Global Ethernet providers cite geopolitical disruptions, supply chain concerns, and increased competition as growth inhibitors for this segment.
  • Five of the seven Global Provider Ethernet LEADERBOARD companies have attained MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet certification as follows (in rank order): Orange Business, Colt, Verizon, BT Global Services, and Lumen.

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