What a start to the year! Our partner Colt just achieved two new Net Promotor Score (NPS) company records.

That’s now 74 in Europe – higher than their previous record from the last quarter – and 66 in Asia, a huge jump from their record of 51 which they set a year ago. These scores are a direct result of the amazing work from all their customer-facing teams.

Of course, Net Promotor Scores are just one view of the bigger picture and we know ‘customer experience’ comes in a range of different forms. Colt also tracks their Net Easy Score (NES) which shows how easy it is to do business with Colt, and this has also seen a healthy rise in Q1 2023.

All this means that they’re delivering a great experience to our customers, whether that’s placing an order, getting it delivered and installed, or resolving any technical or non-technical issues and queries.

Colt want to challenge the assumption that a B2B customer experience can’t be great: they put customers at the heart of everything they do, delivering extraordinary connections by putting the power of the digital universe in their hands, wherever, whenever and however they want. It’s what truly sets Colt apart.

This NPS success belongs to every single customer-facing Coltie. Every action, each day, adds up towards our supercharged NPS and it’s why businesses all over the world are coming to Colt as their digital infrastructure partner of choice.

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