Our partner euNetworks operates a coherent, high bandwidth network that is built to support growth. They focus on constantly integrating new technologies that improve efficiency, scalability and capacity for our customers

euNetworks 400G capability is available for Long Haul and Metro Wavelengths, connecting to over 480 data centre locations across Western Europe.

Why a coherent network? Coherent optical techniques are designed to transport high amounts of data, offer greater degrees of flexibility and deliver better optical performance.

Key benefits

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Hardware is more cost effective and energy efficient
  • Higher port densities within data centre cabinets reduces space and power usage in data centres and colocation
  • Reduced patching and cross-connect costs

Reduced complexity brings greater efficiency than multiple 100G interfaces

  • Standards such as 400ZR, OpenZR and ZR+ address the distance challenge of expanding metro footprints.
  • Customers require less external interfaces to secure, monitor and manage.
  • Rapid installation, testing and turn-up.
  • Lower maintenance overhead

ESG and sustainability benefits

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Fewer materials and less waste
  • Less transportation and packaging

Network features

The network is designed and built to support the continued increase in demand for high bandwidth services from euNetworks’ customers and the evolution into and beyond 400G. It leverages leading-edge technology that delivers the latest improvements in efficiency and scalability.

Investment in high volume routes on the network has seen multiple fibre overbuilds and the deployment of new line systems. This supports wider channel spacing and delivers more efficient use of the available infrastructure.

The combination of new fibre, new line-systems and the latest modulation techniques maximises the throughput available across every single fibre pair. This delivers network infrastructure with the scalability and flexibility to comfortably address future innovation and technology trends

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