How a German financial centre securely connects its data centres to the AWS cloud

For the financial centre based in Germany, the focus is on the customers. They can trade shares, bonds, funds, participation certificates and more at the best prices. Thanks to the service system’s connection to Colt PrizmNet, a financial extranet, the trading venue has access to real-time data and market information from over 160 stock exchanges, trading venues and service providers as well as more than 10,000 companies worldwide. To further optimise the infrastructure for its customers and provide data even faster, it has connected its data centres to the AWS Cloud. This increases internal productivity, as employees have access to all collaboration tools from anywhere and processes are optimised. Data routing and the exchange with market platforms are also made more efficient and uniform overall.

Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access provides fast and secure cloud access. The trading centre accesses the applications in the cloud via a dedicated 10 gigabit end-to-end connection. This has several advantages: The separate connection, which is independent of the public internet, guarantees higher reliability, shorter latency times and a much higher security standard. This is because the connection is provided exclusively for data traffic between the data centre of the cloud provider and the data centre of the trading centre. This means that they always benefit from the full performance and security that public connections with SLAs cannot guarantee.

“We aim to provide our customers quickly and reliably with all relevant data and market information so that they have the optimal starting conditions for a successful financial strategy. By moving our applications to the cloud and providing dedicated access, we have implemented another building block in our future strategy that makes us even more connected to international trading and customer systems. We have been working with Colt in a trusting relationship for decades. When AWS recommended Colt to us as a connectivity expert, we didn’t have to think twice about embarking on this project together as well,” explains the trading centre.

For more than twenty years, the customer from the capital market segment has relied on Colt’s services. In regular innovation workshops, the digital infrastructure company provides an outlook on technological innovations with which capital market participants can position themselves for the future. In addition to the connection to PrizmNet, the Dedicated Cloud Access, Colt also provides its voice and internet services. Colt is a Gold and Premium Partner of the leading cloud providers and reaches 90 per cent of the market with over 200 public cloud PoPs.

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