As we approach the Holida season, its crucial for businesses to stay vigilant. Our partners at Verizon have provided you with some Cybersecurity tips for the Holidays:

Know the social engineering tactics.

Social engineering attacks are on the rise, and generative AI can make them even harder to fight. Verizon can help you close security gaps with our ecosystem of protection.

Spam email sent to people or organizations to try to trick them into divulging confidential information, such as usernames and passwords, or clicking on a malicious link

Spam text messages sent by attackers to trick individuals or organizations into sharing sensitive information, such as passwords

The fraudulent act of making phone calls or leaving voice messages that deceive victims and companies into revealing sensitive information

QR code phishing to get someone to scan a QR code taking them to a malicious website to get sensitive information or download malware

Advance your defense strategy.

It shouldn’t take a compromise to step up your game. Verizon’s cybersecurity expertise can help your organization mitigate threats, from edge to endpoints.

To read more about how to protect your business this holiday:

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