AtlasEdge’s New Vienna Data Centre

AtlasEdge, a prominent player in the pan-European Edge data centre sector, has made a significant move by entering the Austrian market through the acquisition of a Vienna data centre. This strategic development, announced on March 4, 2024, underscores AtlasEdge’s commitment to expanding its robust European footprint and positions the company as a key player in one of the region’s fastest-growing markets.

Expanding Footprint into Austria

The acquisition in Vienna signifies AtlasEdge’s first venture into Austria, situating the company within the heart of the nation’s main connectivity hub. Vienna serves as a critical gateway to the Central and Eastern European markets, boasting strong demand across cloud services, digital media, and financial sectors. This move not only diversifies AtlasEdge’s portfolio but also taps into a burgeoning market with a high demand for data centre services.

Details of the Vienna Data Centre

Situated within the Siemens Campus in Vienna-Floridsdorf, the acquired facility is set for expansion. Plans include transforming the site into a 10MW facility, which will be technically and physically separated from the existing campus. With 11,000 sqm of plot space and diverse fibre routes, the data centre is expected to reach full capacity by Q3 2026. An anchor tenant is already in place, with access to power supply secured, indicating a strong start for AtlasEdge’s operations in the region.

Strategic Implications and Future Growth

This acquisition not only marks AtlasEdge’s presence in a new market but also complements its recent expansion, following the opening of a second data centre in Hamburg. The company’s European footprint now extends across 19 metros in 12 countries, reinforcing its position as a leading data centre provider. According to Giuliano Di Vitantonio, CEO of AtlasEdge, this move is a testament to the company’s capability in executing ambitious M&A strategies on a pan-European scale.

Vienna’s market, characterized by its high demand and historically underserved status, presents a prime opportunity for AtlasEdge. The company aims to leverage its customer-led approach to meet the growing needs for data centre capacity. Henry Harris, Chief Development Officer at AtlasEdge, highlights the potential to address this demand through the development of a best-in-class facility in a prime location.

About AtlasEdge

Founded in 2021, AtlasEdge stands as a leading European Edge data centre platform, operating across 12 countries. With a focus on delivering lower latency, higher performance, and localized solutions, AtlasEdge’s portfolio caters to the evolving technology and network infrastructure needs. Backed by Liberty Global and DigitalBridge, the company continues to explore growth opportunities across Europe, including a significant acquisition in Germany in February 2023.

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AtlasEdge’s strategic acquisition in Vienna is more than just an expansion; it’s a commitment to powering the future of digital infrastructure in Europe. As the company positions itself in Austria’s vibrant market, it opens doors to new possibilities and reinforces its role in shaping the continent’s telecommunications landscape.