New Connectivity Heights with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Metro through Digital Realty

As partners with Digital Realty, we’re excited to share the news about the launch of Microsoft Azure’s ExpressRoute Metro service. This service is a game-changer for hybrid cloud connectivity and is directly accessible through Digital Realty’s data centers in Amsterdam and Zurich, where we provide our services.

Embracing ExpressRoute Metro

ExpressRoute Metro brings to the table a high-resiliency configuration that allows businesses to create a dual-homed setup for increased redundancy. With this setup, clients can connect to two distinct ExpressRoute peering locations within the same metro area, which significantly bolsters network availability and resilience.

Dual Connection Advantage

The new configuration means enhanced operational continuity for our clients‘ critical cloud services. By integrating ExpressRoute Metro into their systems, companies can now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable, redundant connectivity, ensuring their Azure-based applications and services run seamlessly.

Our Commitment alongside Digital Realty

As vendors offering Digital Realty’s sophisticated platforms, we share their enthusiasm in delivering cutting-edge solutions. The addition of ExpressRoute Metro is another step in our journey to provide our customers with comprehensive, reliable, and secure cloud connectivity options.

For those interested in exploring how the new ExpressRoute Metro service can elevate their cloud capabilities, we’re here to guide you through the integration process and help you make the most of this powerful connectivity solution.

For further details on harnessing the power of ExpressRoute Metro through Digital Realty’s data centers, contact us.