Spotlight on Digital Realty’s Case Study of our customer Sonio AG

Digital Realty’s recent case study features Sonio, a leading IT service provider in Switzerland, and how they achieved significant improvements in their IT infrastructure. By relocating to Digital Realty’s Cloud Hub in Zurich, Sonio gained enhanced connectivity, scalability, and security. This move allowed Sonio to efficiently support their diverse customer base, ranging from real estate and science sectors to global enterprises.

The partnership between Sonio and Digital Realty underscores the importance of robust digital infrastructure in achieving business growth and operational excellence. Digital Realty’s comprehensive ecosystem, including major cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS, enables seamless integration and connectivity.

Markus Fischer, CIO of Sonio, highlights the strategic benefits of this move, ensuring business continuity and supporting ambitious growth targets. The collaboration with Digital Realty and AAA Sales facilitated a smooth transition, showcasing the power of strong partnerships in navigating complex IT challenges.

For a deeper dive into this successful partnership, read the full case study here.