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Stellenausschreibung Sales Support Agent

Wir verstärken unser Team

Wir suchen zur Verstärkung unseres Sales Teams einen Sales Support Agent mit Dienstort Velden am Wörthersee in Voll- oder Teilzeit. Alle Informationen zu dieser Position entnehmen Sie bitte dem PDF.

AAA Sales Support Agent (pdf, 965.28 kB)
ESAF 2019

Eidgenössische Schwing- und Älplerfest 2019

Wir freuen uns, dass von heute bis Sonntag das Eidgenössische Schwing- und Älplerfest bei uns in Zug stattfindet. Dies ist eines der grössten Volksfeste der Schweiz, das nur alle drei Jahre stattfindet. 

Wir wünschen allen Gästen einen fröhlichen Aufenthalt mit bleibenden Eindrücken und unvergesslichen Momenten von diesem aussergewöhnlichen Fest.

Tat-1 Leitung

A telco flashback to 1955.

During my trip along Scotland in July, I spent some days in Oban. Oban is famous for its whisky distillery, but also related to Telecoms there is famous highlight. Nowadays many of the so called landing stations exist for various fibre sea cables around the globe. I had the chance to visit one of the oldest landing stations – the TAT-1 landing station. 



Colt IQ Network

The Colt IQ Network is a 100 Gbps optimised intelligent network distributed to 850+ data centres and carrier hotels around the world providing best in class service and optimised for SDN, NFV and cloud services

Find further information on the Colt IQ Network

Colt Private Wave

Colt Private Wave Service

The Colt Private Wave Service is a metropolitan area service that utilises a WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing) platform to deliver multiple servicesorservice typesover a single fibre pairon customer-dedicated infrastructure


Customer Appreciation Event Wien 2019

Customer Appreciation Event 2019 in Vienna

On June 6th 2019, our annual Customer Appreciation Event took place in Vienna. 25 invited guests accepted our invitation and discussed with us in the exclusive ambience of the Vienna Ballroom topics of increased bandwidth requirements, possibilities of modern working and increasing demand for flexible mobile solutions in the 4G and 5G range.



London Internet Exchange (LINX) announce new partnership with Colt DCS

LINX have recently welcomed Colt Data Centre Services to their London network as a Transmission PoP. The new partnership offers Colt customers a valuable, new additional service and prospective LINX members an attractive new location to peer in West London.



Colt and Cisco Simplify Delivery of 5G Backhaul Services

Colt Technology Services is working with Cisco to make the Colt IQ Network for Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) even more flexible. With 5G backhauling capabilities, Colt is helping MSPs worldwide to deliver scalable 5G services with high data rates and low latencies in a flexible and cost-effective manner. To differentiate its 5G backhaul offering and shorten delivery times for customers, Colt is leveraging segment routing and Cisco's Ethernet VPN (eVPN) based architecture.


Cloud computing Studie FH Schweiz

How well are Swiss companies prepared for the cloud?

The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland asked around 380 participants from various industries, company sizes and functional groups - and found out that there is still uncertainty.

Swiss companies know all about the cloud. Of the 380 participants, 91 percent said that they had learned about the cloud and were familiar with the relevant services and areas of use. 88 percent defined the cloud as part of their IT strategy.


Colt Asien pedestrians

Colt launches Private Wave offering in Asia

Colt Technology Services is ready to support businesses in the region who require a high performance, resilient and secure network.


Colt Technology Services has announced the expansion of its portfolio in Asia, with the launch of Colt Private Wave in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Colt Private Wave is explicitly designed for businesses that require private optical solutions to ensure high security, high performance and resilient connectivity.


AWARD Gruppe nah

AAA Sales & Management GmbH awarded at Colt’s Partner Kick Off

The Colt Partner Kick Off is the annual partner event, offering the international sales partners the opportunity to connect, learn and collaborate on solutions that will deliver value to the customers. This year, the event was held in Lisbon (Portugal) and inspired the commitment of partners with the slogan “Aim High.” In addition to the presentation of innovative new services such as SD-WAN and On Demand Services, Colt provided information about the expansion of the Colt IQ Network, extending Colt’s global footprint in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America and offering new business opportunities for Colt's Enterprise Partners.

In her keynote speech, Keri Gilder, CCO, Colt Technology Services said: "Our partner community remains a vital channel for our business and together, we are able to offer the business critical connectivity solutions that our customers need. Our partners have a strong local knowledge which is vital for growing our businesses”.

The highlight of the event was the Awards Ceremony, which celebrated the most successful partners of the business year 2018, in a number of categories: new business, growth and innovation across North, South and Central Europe and US regions.

The Swiss company AAA Sales & Management GmbH from Baar received the award for "Largest New Business in 2018" in the very competitive Central region.


Sydney Australien

Colt expands IQ Network to Australia

Colt is furthering its presence in APAC to support businesses both locally and globally make the most of the opportunities in the region.


connectivity matters

Connectivity matters to millions of sports fans

EUROVISION carries more than 45,000 hours of live sports, and over 88,000 hours
of programming every year, including the Eurovision Song Contest.

The network needed future proofing with 10Gbps Ethernet video transport capability supporting uncompressed formats to enable ultra-high definition TV, second-screen services and a growth in remote production capabilities


Berlinale Colt

Server on, curtain up: Digitising Berlinale

Preparations for the digital transformation of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), started ten years ago with the first digital film being aired in 2010. This was revealed by colourful curtains and a black-and-white film. As the curtains opened, pistons pumped, machines steamed and workers toiled, these were the opening scenes of the seminal silent film Metropolis: the forerunner of modern sci-fi movies, which was first screened in 1927.


AAA Sales Gruppenfoto See Jan 2019

AAA Sales Team Kick-Off Meeting 2019

Right at the beginning of 2019 the AAA Sales Team met in the city of Baar in Switzerland in order to work out their strategy for the new year. The team talked about each of their customers in order to garantee a successful 2019.


Network pixabay

How does Colt deal with SD-WAN?

According to industry analyst Gartner, most enterprises hate their WAN (Wide Area Network). They’re expensive to run and suffer from long lead times to set up and modify.


Georg Gesek quadratisch

Georg Gesek von Novarion über Entwicklung von Quantencomputern

Georg Gesek ist der Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Firma Novarion, einem der technologisch führenden Computerhersteller in Europa. Novarion befasst sich mit der Entwicklung von Maschinen mit geringem Energieverbrauch und künstlich intelligenten Systemen. Mithilfe der Kombination von Quantenphysik und Computertechnik begann Gesek Computersysteme zu entwickeln. In Zusammenarbeit mit diversen europäischen Universitäten konnte Novarion erste wichtige Schritte in der Entwicklung von Quantencomputern setzen.


Freund & Reiter

AAA Interview with Freund & Reiter: Headaches are not an aspirin deficiency.

Digital transformation goes hand in hand with change processes within companies. The right attitude and attitude of executives towards change is crucial for a successful transformation - digital and beyond.

Claudia Freund and Wilfried Reiter support companies in their transformation and change processes. They work with people, give them the opportunity to work on topics and face them. Together with their clients, Freund & Reiter develop the decisive process steps and give them the courage to dare. 


IT Trends 2019 Sicherheit

Preview IT Trends 2019

The IT and telecommunications industry is a very fast moving one. There are always new developments that will make everyday life and business easier for us. What trends do you expect in the coming year? 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain etc. are not new terms. But their use is constantly expanding and enables new areas of application for various companies and industries.

5G Infrastructure

In the coming year, further development is expected with regard to the expansion of a 5G network. The more powerful high-speed network will significantly accelerate network change in the future. 



Colt expands IQ Network in Europe

Preview of new Colt IQ Network expansion projects

In the coming year, Colt plans to make further investments in expanding its global network. This time the focus is on Central and Eastern Europe, where more than 7000 km of fibre optic lines are to be built. Regions around Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria in particular will benefit from the expansion. Warsaw, Krakow, Brno, Prague and Dresden will be connected from Berlin. A second important ring will link Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade and Zagreb from Klagenfurt (Austria). These cities are of particular interest to German companies. In 2017, Germany exported goods worth more than 562 billion euros to these countries. 

The aim of the expansion strategy is to further expand the Colt network in order to meet the needs of multinational customers. Colt's global network is designed to provide companies worldwide with reliable connectivity and support them in their digital transformation over the coming years.


Sandra Lassnig

AAA News: Welcome Sandra!

Seit 1. November unterstützt Sandra unser Sales Support Team. In den vergangenen Jahren konnte Sandra wertvolle Erfahrung im IT-Bereich sammeln. Wir freuen uns über den Zuwachs und wünschen einen guten Start!

Trend Telekommunikation

Trends in Telecommunications

Digitization, IoT, Artificial Intelligence... The constant change brings constant innovations in the field of telecommunications. Companies are often confronted with changes.

In telecommunications, wireless local networks have long offered more possibilities than just connectivity. But with growth and expansion, companies are exposed to a higher security risk, because cybercrime has been rising steadily for years. The protection of the corporate network is therefore very important and must not be neglected.

Many industries are increasingly demanding more bandwidth and fast, low-latency data transfers. Many providers are therefore investing in the expansion of a modern network. In the industry sector in particular, the switch to 5G is expected to significantly accelerate processes.


Colt Zeettaa Networks

Colt and Zeetta Networks present Blockchain marketplace

Together with Zeetta Networks, Colt Technology recently unveiled big news. Colt Technology Services has partnered with Zeetta Networks to launch a proof-of-concept demonstration of a blockchain-based carrier marketplace for LSO Sonata.

The PoC demonstrates how carriers can buy and sell network services in a secure marketplace with blockchain technology. This could help reduce the cost of business-to-business interactions for network service providers. Blockchain technology is therefore ideal for conducting business transactions and helps service providers increase the efficiency of their business while expanding the marketplace.



Colt: Global Carrier Award Winner 2018

A few weeks ago, the 14th Global Carrier Awards ceremony took place at the Troxy Theater in London. More than 400 people from the telecommunications industry came together to celebrate the success of the industry. Colt Technology received two awards - Best Marketing Team and Best Voice Service Innovation - Mature Market. 

Colt Services Worldwide

Leading companies trust Colt Services

Colt supports well-known companies in the field of digital transformation. When it comes to driving a company's digital transformation, Colt is the ideal partner. A major advantage in the fast-paced nature of today's business processes is clearly the high-bandwidth connectivity that enables customers to move quickly and gain control of their network. Colt customers are able to make their network more flexible to meet real-time market demands. Another major benefit is instant access to the cloud for all business-critical applications.



Ausbau Colt Data Center London

Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) announced that it will build six new data centres in Northern London. The six halls are part of the first phase of a major expansion project on the site, which will include a total of 10 new data centres. In addition, a major power boost will be implemented, almost doubling the site's supply capacity by a further 30 megawatts (MW). Delivery of the first two halls is expected in the first quarter of 2019 and the remainder in the second quarter of 2019. After completion of the project, the total IT power supply will increase to more than 40 MW.



Colt Data Center Expansion in Hamburg

Colt Data Center Services (DCS), which has been a carrier-neutral data center operator for more than 20 years, is expanding the area of its existing data center in Hamburg.

The data center area of Hall "IDC3" is to be expanded by around 500 square meters. This will provide Colt customers with a total of 3,035 square meters of space in the existing "IDC1" and "IDC2" halls. The foundation stone was laid in July 2018 and the first customers are expected to move in in December 2018. With the expansion and an investment of around 2.2 million euros, Colt DCS is responding to the increased demand for data center space in the region. Like other Colt data centers, the expanded Colt Datacenter in Hamburg will be ISO27001 certified. In addition, Hall IDC3 will be equipped with a scalable UPS power supply system and will provide disaster recovery facilities as well as customer and meeting rooms.

Colt Colocation

Colt Colocation Solutions

Colt Colocation Solutions are designed for customers who want to manage their own IT hardware in an expert operated facility, combined with a secure private network or Internet bandwidth. Colt DCS colocation solutions enable your company to easily and cost-effectively store, protect and access critical data and devices in a secure, carrier-neutral data centres. From a single rack to a fully-equipped hall, Colt DCS Colocation Solutions offer you a flexible solution to meet your needs now and in the future. What are the benefits of Colt DCS Colocation Solutions?



Colt expands its network in Dublin

Colt also plans to expand its network in Dublin, Ireland in the coming months. This is Colt's response to the increasing demand for high bandwidth in one of Europe's most important business hubs.

Colt's latest network expansion will add more than 150 kilometres of fibre in Dublin, a city where Colt already connects more than 350 buildings and 23 data centres. The move is part of Colt's expansion strategy to deliver agile and responsive high-band solutions to customers in Europe, Asia and North America.



Colt expands its fiber optic network in Berlin

Colt Technology Services expands its fiber optic network in Germany's capital. More than 100 km of fiber optic will be installed to provide access to a further 500 locations in Berlin. In addition to the numerous worldwide networks and data centers, Colt Technology Services is also very well represented in Germany. Colt has several networks in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich and 3 of its own data centers in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main. The Colt network enables networking with over 170 data centers and 6200 office buildings throughout Germany.


Colt On Demand Services

Colt On Demand Services

Colt On Demand Services is a real breakthrough for companies that need fully flexible connectivity solutions between data centres, cloud service providers and corporate buildings. Colt On Demand Services is the ideal solution for companies with a global IT strategy to achieve well-known benefits: Flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. Colt On Demand Services gives you control over your network and delivers the connections you need in real time.


Gartner Symp ITxpo 2018

AAA Event Tip: Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018

This year's Gartner Symposium/ITxpo will again take place in Barcelona from 4 to 8 November 2018. Gartner's annual event brings together Europe's leading CIOs and IT experts. Learn more about the strategic trends and technologies that are driving digital transformation and shaping the future of IT and business. Gartner analysts, industry experts and innovative solution providers will discuss innovative ways to meet the challenges of digital transformation. In addition to expert tips, you can also expect inspiration and practical technology and IT solutions for your company as well as networking opportunities with leading IT experts. Here you will find the agenda of this year's event in Barcelona.
Colt will be attending the event again this year to advise you on your IT projects and offer innovative IT solutions.

Dr. Stuller

AAA Interview with Dr. Stuller: When anxiety affects your career.

Dr. Michael Stuller is a doctor and psychotherapist specializing in psychodrama. He is also the founder of the first anxiety centre in Austria, a psychotherapeutic practice in the 8th district of Vienna, where anxiety disorders are diagnosed and treated.

Dr. Stuller is specialized in anxiety disorders and is also a lecturer and keynote speaker on anxiety. It is important to distinguish between anxiety disorders and justified anxiety. According to international standards, there are three types of anxiety disorders: First, phobias such as arachnophobia, fear of spiders or acrophobia, fear of heights. There are fears that are triggered in certain situations (or by objects). There are panic disorders that manifest themselves through uncontrolled panic attacks. On the other hand, generalised anxiety disorders are when constant worries accompany everyday life. Anxiety disorders have a significant influence on life. They are distinguished from justified anxiety. The justified fear, also called "healthy" fear, is the feeling that accompanies and justifies you in certain situations. For example, the fear of crossing the crossroads in red for fear of being run over or the fear of an aggressive dog.


Colt Expansion Spanien

Colt expands its presence in Spain

Colt Technology Services is expanding its coverage in Spain and adding 22 new provinces to its local presence in the country. This expansion builds on existing metro connectivity in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia and fits Colt's overall strategy to enable digital transformations in businesses through agile, high-bandwidth connectivity solutions. It will also ensure that Colt is best positioned in Spain to support companies operating both locally and globally. By connecting these provinces in Spain, more companies will have access to Colt IQ's dense network of more than 850 data centres and 27,000 network buildings worldwide.


Colt SD WAN global

Colt SD WAN global

Colt Technology Services announces two major SDN launches: the expansion of its SD-WAN solutions to Asia Pacific and North America and the launch of its on-demand offering in Singapore.

The Colt IQ Network enables these two advanced capabilities through global connectivity with more than 850 data centers and over 27,000 network buildings. Colt's SD-WAN and on-demand solutions, based on the Colt IQ network, ensure that Colt is able to deliver cost-effective and reliable business continuity, bandwidth growth management and an enhanced end-user experience in the cloud worldwide.


Colt IQ Handbook

Important information about your cooperation with Colt

As a sales agency, it is important to us that you are satisfied with Colt's service. To make it easier for you to manage your services, we recommend that you register for a Colt Online Account. This allows you to view the progress of orders, as well as online invoice management and administration of your master data as needed. The direct access saves you a lot of precious time, as adjustments can be carried out faster and more efficiently.
Technical disruptions in your services can also be handled more efficiently and quickly via the Colt Online Account

As a further tip, we recommend the Colt IQ Experience Handbook. The handbook contains short instructions for the most important processes and systems so that you know which processes are being handled in the course of an order or change to your services.

Should you have any questions regarding any of these points, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!


AAA News - Thomas Müller Managing Director of AAA

We are pleased to officially announce that our long-standing colleague and employee from the very beginning, Thomas Müller, was appointed Managing Director of the company at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the AAA. Thomas already worked as an authorized signatory in the management since 2014 and has proven himself in this function very well. We congratulate Thomas on his new position and wish him all the best and continued success! Wilhelm Pfeifer, previously sole Managing Director, is now Chairman of the Management Board and is very pleased about the growth in the management of the company.

Roman Anlanger

AAA Interview mit Prof. Roman Anlanger - Marketing & Sales Experte

Prof. (FH) Roman Anlanger is one of the leading marketing and sales experts in the German-speaking region. In addition to his work as head of the study programme "Technical Sales and Distribution Management" at the University of Applied Sciences of the bfi Vienna, he is also a bestselling author. His two books, co-written with Hon.-Prof. (FH) Mag. Wolfgang A. Engel, deal with the topic of "Trojan Marketing" - a new method of addressing customers indirectly but all the more sustainably.
In the following interview you will learn more about it. You will further get valuable expert tips to lead your company successfully in the long term.


Herausforderungen Digitale Transformation

Challenges of digital transformation

According to an Ovum 2017 survey, 8% of all companies surveyed believe they have achieved their digital transformation. But digital transformation remains a constantly evolving and complex process. The challenge lies in constant change. Companies need to develop, rethink their business models and adapt to digital innovations. 


Colt Intelligent Connectivity

Colt 2018 - Intelligent Connectivity

The first half of 2018 is over and it has been very turbulent and eventful months for Colt Technology Services. Many planned projects have been implemented in recent weeks and months and mark some important milestones for the company. Colt announced earlier this year that it is expanding its global network to provide companies worldwide with reliable connectivity to support their digital transformation in the coming years.



AAA News: Our summer intern Tine

In July our summer intern Tine (Christine) supports us. Tine is a 16-year-old student from Austria and will work for the AAA for one month. This brings a breath of fresh air into our company and Tine is a great support for us in various activities. We are pleased to offer Tine the opportunity to gain first work experience and to introduce her to the daily business of a sales agency. We see it as our task to make motivated young people familiar with everyday working life at an early stage, to support them in developing their abilities and to recognize their strengths.


Sommerloch Tipps

AAA Tips: How to survive the summer slump

The notorious summer slump: The summer months are here and the holiday season is just around the corner. Companies use the summer months to reduce their operating speed. Since many employees are on vacation, a sense of 'understaffing' is spreading. Many companies shift into a lower gear in the summer months - but this is where the mistake lies. A successful company never has a break.

Here are our tips for you on how to use the summer slump efficiently.



Cybercrime - how to protect your company

Cybercrime - the dangerous side effect of digitalization

Cybercrime has greatly increased in recent years with the development of new technologies. More and more companies are becoming victims of so-called "cyber-attacks". Cybercriminals are spying on companies, infecting and blackmailing them. Networks are hacked and corporate data is stolen and encrypted. The release of the data is  promised after payment of a ransom (often in the form of crypto currency). However, experts advise against meeting these requirements, as a release of the data is not guaranteed and further extortion attempts are possible. In addition to the damage of data loss, companies are often confronted with collateral and image damage, especially when dealing with sensitive data.


Cybersecurity Colt

Colt Cybersecurity Services

Digitalization offers great opportunities, but it still carries great dangers. Over the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in cybercrime and hacker attacks on various companies. To avoid major damage, companies are forced to invest in their IT security. In addition to organizational measures, technical measures are necessary to protect the business and the company.


Vorteile OM

3 Most important advantages of Online Marketing

Online Marketing covers all marketing activities on the Internet. In comparison to traditional marketing measures, the "online version" offers considerable advantages:

  • Measurability of campaign success & targeted targeting
  • Flexibility & optimization of the marketing budget
  • Ongoing customization & optimization


DCS Hong Kong

Colt Hong Kong Data Centre

The Colt Hong Kong Data Center is an extremely robust data center that offers integrated colocation and managed IT solutions that can be tailored to the diverse needs of financial, media, manufacturing and other industries.


Colt US Launch

Colt IQ Network Launch in North America

As part of its ongoing growth initiative, Colt Technology Services announced in November 2017 that it will increase its transatlantic, trans-Pacific and Asian submarine cable capacity to 100G and expand its IQ network to North America. Colt's growth in the region further demonstrates its commitment to providing its multinational customers with high-bandwidth global communications services. The expansion is now complete: 13 major cities in North America including New York, San Francisco and Chicago are now connected to Colts Asian and European networks.


Social Media im B2B

Social Media for B2B Sales

Social networks have become one of the most important means of communication of our time in recent years. They serve the global networking of people and facilitate the interaction between them. Where previously telegraph transmissions were used for exchange, today the Internet has the communication firmly in hand. Based on this technology, applications such as Mail, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. are becoming the most important applications today. Even before the launch of Facebook in 2004, the business platform LinkedIn was introduced exactly 15 years ago - in May 2003. Today, LinkedIn is part of Microsoft and has more than half a billion users. Nevertheless, Facebook remains today the world's largest social network. This was followed by social networks such as Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and many more.



General Data Protection Regulation & IT Security

The General Data Protection Regulation is on everyone's lips. It will come into force on May 25, 2018 and will regulate the handling of personal data in the future. According to GDPR this is all information that makes a person identifiable eg. Name, location data, online identification etc. Many companies are currently working on data protection. But data security also plays an important role and must not be neglected. We talk about data protection when persons are protected against misuse of their data. Data security refers to the protection of data regardless of personal reference. However, the GDPR covers both areas.


Digitaler Arbeitsplatz

Digital Workplace

Digitalization and new technologies have more and more impact on the internal processes in companies. To be fit for the future, companies are increasingly turning to mobile solutions and digital jobs. But what requirements does such a digital workstation have to fulfill? Which investments need to be made?


Colt IN Voice Services

Colt IN Voice Services

Colt Technology Services is expanding its IN Voice Services business in ten countries, including Luxembourg, Japan and the US. Colt's IN Voice Services allows it to adapt to business needs in real time, resulting in rapid expansion into new markets. These services include Service Access Numbers, Contact Center Services and Voice On Demand Services. Companies now benefit from the solutions in Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and the USA. In Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK, the services are offered since April 2017.


medianet xpert.night 2018

Event Review: medianet xpert.night 2018

On April 12th, the medianet xpert.night 2018 took place in the Vienna Gasometer. The most important representatives of the Austrian media and communication industry as well as more than 1500 guests have gathered to award the best agencies in Austria. Among others, the categories PR, Media, Livemarketing and Digital Marketing were nominated. We congratulate the winners and thank Medianet Verlag for a great evening and a successful event!

Online Marketing Solutions

AAA News: Sales & Online Marketing Consulting

Due to the long-standing practice and our good customer relations, there has been an increasing demand for our know-how as a sales agency as well as in the field of technical consulting. Our broad network and stable partnerships with experts make it possible for us to offer Online Marketing Consulting. In daily practice, we observe that in our complex world, the areas of sales and marketing - especially through social networks - merge more and more.


Finanzen Cloud

Finance in the Cloud

An interesting development in the transition to cloud solutions has been observed in recent years, especially in the financial sector. In the financial industry, security plays a particularly important role, which is why many responsible had concerns about the transition to a cloud solution. But to stay competitive and keep the infrastructure agile, more and more financial companies are turning to cloud solutions. The move to the cloud not only offers flexibility but also the possibility of new offers such as Artificial Intelligence as a Service.

Read more about this topic in the Colt Technology Services blog article.

Tipps Cloud

Tips for moving to the cloud

Cloud Solutions still are very popular. More and more companies are considering moving to the cloud to increase their agility, reduce their IT costs, and simplify their administration. But switching to the cloud is often more complex than expected and requires detailed planning. Of particular importance are security, ongoing control and assessment tools. This plays a particularly important role in cost control. The know-how of the IT staff should not be neglected, because cloud technology is developing rapidly.


Trends Cloud

Current trends for cloud solutions

Spendings on cloud services continue to increase. Companies are ready to invest in their IT infrastructure and move to cloud solutions. It raises the question of which cloud model is the right one and which trends to consider: the multi-cloud, IoT, cloud data centers & SaaS.


PKO 2018

Colt Partner Kick-Off 2018

In early february the annual Colt Partner Sales Kick-Off Meeting took place. This time, the Colt Partner Community came to Prague to review the past year and discuss various projects for 2018. In addition to presenting new products, there was also an outlook on planned marketing activities for the upcoming year. We are looking forward to a successful 2018!

AI im Vertrieb

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Artificial intelligence remains a central and controversial topic. Many see a threat in this fast-growing technology: automation and machine learning are said to destroy jobs. But this is not the case: Especially regarding efficiency in sales, manufacturing and education, artificial intelligence and machine learning bring significant benefits.


DCS Colt 2

Colt Data Centre Services

Colt Data Centre Services is a leading provider of carrier-neutral data centres in Europe. Their operational excellence is confirmed by one of the highest scores in the Uptime Institute's Management and Operations Award. Colt Data Centre Services designs, builds and operates large data centres and has been providing colocation services to customers for more than 15 years. Over 1,000 customers in the most data-critical industries in the world trust Colt and secure their information in24 carrier-neutral data centres in Europe and Asia. Colt DC Services offers ideal solutions, especially for international companies. With data centres at more than 24 locations in Europe and Asia, Colt enables worldwide connectivity.


Colt Nordamerika

Colt is expanding its network in North America

As mentioned in our November 2017 AAA Newsletter, Colt will expand its international submarine cable capacity to n*100G in 2018. The Colt IQ Network will seamlessly connect three continents - Asia, Europe and North America. This allows Colt to offer Intercontinental Wave services for the first time, along with Ethernet services for bandwidths up to 10G. With multiple cable systems and multiple landing points, Colt will be able to offer a diverse network that meets the diversity needs of its customers.


Digitalisierung B2B

Digitalization in B2B-Sales

While decision makers used to gather relevant information from trade journals, today 94% of buyers use the Internet to find the right supplier. The Internet serves as the main source of information and offers B2B buyers a quick way to find the right product for them. This shows that digitalization has fundamentally changed B2B sales and companies need to adjust their sales strategy accordingly to be competitive. Using the global reach of the Internet is essential. By means of online marketing, companies that have any interest in the topic can be reached. In particular, the optimization of search engine marketing makes it easy to be found by potential customers. But also B2B retail portals, a website, social media and content marketing should be part of a successful marketing and sales strategy.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Cognitive Computing

Due to digitalization, the latest technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence are constantly changing the economy and society. For companies that have not yet invested in digital technologies, it is high time to do so. In addition to Blockchain and the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the main trends. However, this term is not that new - in the mid-1950s scientists already spoke of "artificial intelligence" (AI). At that time, it was still spoken of systems that were able to solve simple problems. As technology advances over the years, the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence have evolved, creating programs such as Siri or Cortana as "intelligent assistants".


Zukunft SDN

The future of SDN

Colt presents the future of Software Defined Networking (SDN): the LSO Sonata API. This interface allows SDN architectures from different network providers to work together and be managed by customers themselves. The so-called Lifecycle Services Orchestration enables the transition from business support systems or operations support systems to a flexible end-to-end orchestration of networks. This allows customers to take advantage of all the benefits of SDN and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) across providers. LSO also revolutionizes administrative processes across all network domains: fulfillment, control, performance, assurance, usage, security, analysis, policy compliance.


IT Trends

10 IT-Trends 2018

Trend 1: The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things refers to the networking of objects with the Internet, so that they can communicate independently via the Internet and do various tasks for the owner. The scope of application extends from a general information supply via automatic orders to warning and emergency functions.
Trend 2: Self-learning software
Companies are increasingly relying on self-learning software. In the future, software systems will no longer be programmed but rather trained, and they will be able to analyze structured and unstructured data in a complex manner. Due to the increasing use of self-learning software, the public cloud usage will also increase.



Colt reduces network latency from Tokyo to London

Colt Technology Services announced last week that latency between the Tokyo and London financial centers could be reduced to less than 159 milliseconds. This network optimization is part of Colt's ongoing investment program on the Colt IQ Network, which addresses specific needs of financial companies and companies. The improved latency supports trading strategies based on a low-latency infrastructure to better support investment banks, high-frequency trading and other financial organizations. In addition, it provides companies with a consolidated service approach where they have a supplier for all their network needs.



Customers in the focus of digitalization

Digitization implicates significant changes in daily business processes. Many companies are following the trend and are trying to fulfill the digital transformation. Websites, newsletters and online shops are steadily increasing as companies want and need to reach their customers online. The digital customer relationship always gains importance and is crucial for business success. Those who recognize it early and are present in the digital world have a clear competitive advantage. Especially smaller companies are missing the opportunity to learn more about their customers. According to a Bitkom study, 35% of companies with 20 to 99 employees say they do not collect and evaluate data. For companies with 500 or more employees, however, not a single company waives the data analysis.


JMP Gruppe

Beratung im Bereich IT und Telekommunikation

Eine effiziente und massgeschneiderte Lösung zu Ihren Anforderungen zu finden, ist ganz einfach... wenn Sie den richtigen Berater an Ihrer Seite haben!

Neben modernen und verlässlichen Produkten ist die passende Gesamtlösung entscheidend: professionelle Beratung hilft Ihnen dabei diese zu erarbeiten und Ihren Unternehmenserfolg zu steigern. Heutzutage ist das Angebot an Telekommunikationsdiensten und  -produkten so umfangreich, dass es sinnvoll ist sich bei IT-Projekten von erfahrenen Experten beraten zu lassen. Die JMP Technology Services GmbH ist ein solches Beratungsunternehmen im Bereich IT und Telekommunikation. Die Experten von JMP Technology Services weisen eine jahrelange Erfahrung in der Branche vor, beraten Sie hinsichtlich diverser Dienstleistungen und konnten bereits zahlreiche erfolgreiche Vernetzungsprojekte in Zusammenarbeit mit Colt Technology Services realisieren.


Review Gartner

Review zum Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017

Von 5. bis 9. November 2017 fand das Gartner Symposium / ITxpo in Barcelona statt. Dieser Event ist eine der weltweit führenden Konferenzen im Bereich IT und ermöglicht den Teilnehmern Zugang zu den aktuellsten Informationen und Trends der Branche.

Neben unserem Partner Colt waren andere namhafte Unternehmen wie Microsoft, Google Cloud, IBM, Siemens, Amazon etc. anwesend, um Ihre Produkt- und Service-Neuheiten zu präsentieren. CIOs und Senior IT Executives aus aller Welt waren vor Ort, um an interessanten Vorträgen teilzunehmen und neue Insights zu gewinnen.
Wilhelm Pfeifer, Geschäftsführer der AAA Sales & Management GmbH, war ebenfalls vor Ort und konnte interessante Informationen, Neuigkeiten und Eindrücke mit "nachhause" in die Schweiz nehmen. Anbei sein Fazit zum Garnter Symposium / ITxpo Event in Barcelona:


Gartner 2017

Upcoming Event: Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

Von 5. bis 9. November 2017 findet in Barcelona das weltweit wichtigste Treffen von CIO und Senior IT Executives statt: das Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. Dieser Event ist speziell für CIOs und Senior IT Executives vorgesehen, die ihre Visionen in Taten umsetzen möchten. Mehr als 6.000 Experten kommen zusammen, um einen strategischen Überblick über die derzeitigen Entwicklungen in der IT-Branche zu bekommen. Gartner Analysten, Fachexperten aus dem IT-Bereich und diverse Lösungsanbieter präsentieren neue Wege, um kritische Herausforderungen zu bewältigen, Lösungen zu finden und somit größere Unternehmenserfolge zu erzielen.

Selbstverständlich wird auch Colt an dieser Veranstaltung teilnehmen und Ihnen die Möglichkeit bieten sich hinsichtlich Ihrer IT-Projekte beraten zu lassen. Wo genau das Team von Colt anzutreffen ist sowie Terminvereinbarungen für ein Gespräch finden sie auf der Colt Website unter

Voice Fraud

Schutzmassnahmen vor Voice Fraud

Systemsicherheit steht für Unternehmen an oberster Stelle. Leider nehmen die Vorfälle von sogenannten Voice Frauds immer mehr zu. Medien berichten vermehrt darüber. Unter Voice Fraud oder auch Telefonmissbrauch versteht man das böswillige Eindringen eines Aussenstehenden in die Sicherheit eines Systems. Erste Anzeichen dafür können Anrufe unbekannter Zielrufnummern, wiederholte Anrufe bei derselben Rufnummer, ungewöhnlich lange Gespräche oder eine hohe Anzahl von Kurzgesprächen, hohes Anrufaufkommen bei Nacht, an Wochenenden oder Feiertagen sowie Schwierigkeiten beim Abruf der Voicemail sein. Colt empfiehlt folgende Massnahmen zu ergreifen, um Ihre Anlage vor Missbrauch zu schützen:



Customer Appreciation Event 2017 - AT

Am 21. September fand unser Customer Appreciation Event in Wien statt. Wir nutzten diese Gelegenheit, um uns bei unseren Geschäftspartner für die gute Zusammenarbeit zu bedanken und gemeinsam einen netten Abend in angenehmer Atmosphäre zu verbringen. Die Feierlichkeiten fanden dieses Jahr in der Schwemme, einem gemütlichen Bistro im 3. Wiener Gemeindebezirk statt. 
Bezugnehmend auf den Ausbau des Colt IQ Netzwerks im asiatischen Raum war unser diesjährige Motto "Connecting Europe and Asia". Das hervorragende Küchen-Team von Alexander Laskowsky hat unseren Gästen ein eigens kreiertes Menü zusammengestellt, welches uns auf eine kulinarische Reise in den Fernen Osten führte.

Wir danken unseren Gästen recht herzlich für Ihr Kommen und freuen uns jetzt schon auf nächstes Jahr!
Weitere Fotos zum Event finden Sie auf unserer AAA Sales & Management GmbH Facebook-Seite


Colt Ethernet Services

Unabhängig von der Unternehmensgrösse hat Colt das passende Ethernet Serviceportfolio für Unternehmen, deren Datenverkehr zwischen Unternehmensstandorten zunimmt. Dank eines reichweitenstarken Ethernet-Netzwerks in Europa, Nordamerika und dem asiatisch-pazifischen Raum, kann Colt Ihnen branchenführende Ethernet Services anbieten. Aufgrund der Leistungs- und Bandbreitengarantie können Unternehmensstandorte effizient und sicher zusammenarbeiten und Informationen austauschen. Es handelt sich um eine kostengünstige und flexible Lösung, da Ihnen nur die tatsächlich benötigte Bandbreite verrechnet wird. Bei der On Demand Variante können Sie Ihre Bandbreiten flexibel anpassen und problemlos nach Bedarf weitere Standorte anbinden. Colt bietet selbstverständlich auch das nötige Service- und Supportangebot, um Ihnen tatkräftig zur Seite zu stehen.


Colt DCS

Colt Data Centres

In der heutigen Zeit müssen große Unternehmen sicher, skalierbar und vor allem verbunden sein. Dies nimmt sich Colt Data Centre Services zur Aufgabe. Colt Data Centre Services bietet flexible und erschwingliche Colocation und IT-Infrastruktur-Lösungen. Die Konnektivität und Colocation Lösungen von Colt geben Ihnen die Möglichkeit Ihr Unternehmenswachstum flexibel umzusetzen und dabei von zukunftssicheren Rechenzentrum-Strategien zu profitieren.
Colt betreibt 29 State-of-the-art-Rechenzentren in Europa und Asien. All diese Rechenzentren werden seit kurzem carrierneutral geführt. Dies ermöglicht eine noch bessere Verfügbarkeit sowie lokale Unterstützung und Service (Intelligent Remote Hands). Colt hat weitere Top 530+ Drittanbieter-Rechenzentren an den Colt Backbone angeschlossen und ist damit in der Lage den größten öffentlichen-Anbietern zuverlässig private Verbindungen anzubieten. Als einziger Anbieter von Rechenzentren weltweit mit der höchsten Management & Operations Zertifizierung (bestätigt durch das Uptime Institute) sind Colts operative Standards branchenführend anerkannt und ISO-zertifiziert. Colt ist daher der richtige Partner für Ihre Anforderungen und bietet flexible und skalierbare Lösungen.


AAA 7th Birthday

Happy 7th Birthday AAA

Die AAA feierte am 12. Juli 2017 ihren 7. Geburtstag. Wir nehmen dies zum Anlass um mit dem Geschäftsführer ein kurzes Interview zu führen. Julia Holler sprach mit ihm über seine Erfahrungen und bisherige Zeit und die Zusammenarbeit mit Colt. 



Software Defined WAN Lösung von Colt

Die SD WAN Lösung von Colt ermöglicht es, Internet als Geschäftsnetzwerk für Ihr WAN zu nutzen und dabei Ihre Bandbreite bei gleichbleibendem Budget zu erhöhen, ausgewählte Daten über das Internet zu leiten und Ihr WAN selbst über eine Online-Plattform zu managen. Dank des Online Tools können Sie die Bandbreiten Ihrer Services selbst kontrollieren und behalten so einen Überblick. Zusammenfassend ermöglicht die SD WAN Lösung von Colt ein flexibles und kostengünstiges Bandbreitenmanagement. Mit dem Colt SD WAN Produkt nutzen Sie das Internet als Geschäftsnetzwerk und verfügen somit über eine Alternative zu MPLS. Dabei erhalten Sie einen Common-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Server als Endgerät, der vorkonfiguriert und einfach einzurichten ist, ähnlich wie Ihr WLAN. Dank zahlreichen regionalen Netzübergängen in Europa, Asien und den USA können Sie von einer sehr guten Flächendeckung profitieren.


Colt 25 Jahre

25 Jahre Colt - Happy Birthday!

Die Colt Group feiert heuer ihren 25. Geburtstag. Werfen wir einen kurzen Rückblick auf die Anfänge von Colt: Colt wurde im Jahr 1992 in London von Fidelity Investments unter dem Namen Colt Telecom gegründet und wurde im daurauffolgenden Jahr offiziell Teil der Sprach- und Übertragungsservice-Anbieter. Schon bald darauf expandierte Colt nach Deutschland und die ersten Glasfaserkabel wurden in der Frankfurter Innenstadt verlegt. Zur damaligen Zeit gab es erst sehr wenige Netzbetreiber in Deutschland. Colt Deutschland war ein junges Unternehmen in einem aufstrebenden Markt. Es folgten Standorte in München, Hamburg und Berlin.


Asien Ausbau

Colt baut sein Netzwerk in Asien aus

Colt Technology Services ist der Partner für Unternehmen jeder Größe weltweit, wenn es um professionelle Dienste für Netzwerke, Telefonie und Rechenzentren geht. Wir, die AAA Sales & Management GmbH, freuen uns über die jahrelange ausgezeichnete Zusammenarbeit mit Colt. Diese Allianz ermöglicht es uns, unseren Kunden nahezu alle Wünsche im Segment Telekommunikation zu erfüllen. Colt Technology Services investiert seit 2016 in den Ausbau seines Netzwerks im asiatischen Raum. Damit reagiert Colt auf die wachsenden Anforderungen globaler Unternehmen und den Bedarf an hohen Bandbreiten. Dies ermöglicht nicht nur Unternehmen vor Ort eine sichere und schnelle Datenübertragung, sondern ist auch ein großer Vorteil für europäische Unternehmen mit Niederlassungen im asiatischen Raum. 


Nordamerika Ausbau Colt

Colt expandiert nach Nordamerika

Das Colt IQ Network ist ein weltweites Glasfasernetzwerk, welches über 800 Rechenzentren in Europa, Asien und Nordamerika mit mehr als 25.000 Gebäuden verbindet. Colt Technology Services erweitert sein Netzwerk nach Nordamerika und erhöht somit die Bandbreite von mehreren transatlantischen Verbindungen auf 100 Gbit/s. Dies ermöglicht eine Verbindung zu Gebäude und Rechenzentren in Ashburn, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle und Toronto. Viele international
tätige Unternehmen profitieren von einer schnellen und zuverlässigen Verbindungen.


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