AtlasEdge CEO shares challenges of leading a company rapidly expanding in the latest C-Suite Hotseat Episode.

In the latest episode of ‚The C-Suite Hotseat,‘ our partner’s at AtlasEdge CEO discusses the exhilarating journey of leading a rapidly expanding company across 12 countries in just two years. It’s a story of strategic vision, adaptability, and the challenges of navigating diverse markets.

Tune in to gain invaluable insights from a leader who’s shaping the future of the telecom industry. This interview is a brief listen for anyone interested in business growth, leadership, and international expansion.

Di Vitantonio addresses his vision for AtlasEdge and the business’ overarching strategy approach and growth plans.

The AtlasEdge edge landscape includes 21 data centers spread over 12 European countries – with more to come!

All about flexible solutions that meet your requirements such as Zurich:

-Located in a strategic European hub, it provides seamless connectivity to major business centers.

-Switzerland’s stable environment and strict data protection laws ensure both security and compliance, making it an excellent choice for safeguarding critical data operations.

-Being in Zurich, a global financial and business center, means being part of a dynamic ecosystem, enhancing opportunities for growth and collaboration.

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