Lumen Internet on Demand is a service offered by Lumen Technologies, designed to provide businesses with scalable, flexible, and instant internet connectivity.

Scalability and Flexibility: Customers can scale their bandwidth up or down in real-time based on their current business needs. This is particularly useful for businesses experiencing fluctuating demand.

Self-Service Portal: Lumen’s platform  offers a self-service portal where customers can manage their services. This includes adjusting bandwidth, monitoring usage, and managing costs.

Fast Provisioning: Internet services can be activated quickly, sometimes within minutes, reducing the waiting times typically associated with traditional internet service setups.

Pay-Per-Use Pricing Model: Customers pay only for the bandwidth they use. This can lead to cost savings compared to traditional fixed-bandwidth models.

Benefits of Lumen Internet on Demand:

Cost Efficiency: The pay-as-you-go model helps businesses avoid overpaying for unused capacity, leading to more efficient use of budgets.

Business Agility: The ability to scale services up or down on demand means businesses can quickly adapt to changing needs, such as handling sudden increases in online traffic or scaling back during slower periods.

Reduced Complexity: By managing services through a self-service portal, businesses can simplify network management and reduce the need for specialized IT staff.

Enhanced Performance: Fast provisioning ensures that businesses can get the connectivity they need quickly, which is crucial for time-sensitive projects and operations.

Support for Digital Transformation: As businesses move more of their operations online or to the cloud, having flexible, on-demand internet connectivity supports broader digital transformation initiatives

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