euNetworks specialize in designing, deploying and operating full fibre networks using new low loss fibre, over unique routes between key locations.

For alternative network customers, this supports growth with extended network reach and coverage, ensuring a robust and reliable foundation for your data needs.

Extensive UK Network: euNetworks boasts a UK network spanning over 845 km, featuring multiple, unique high fibre route options. This network connects major cities like London, Manchester, Leeds, Lowestoft, and Brighton, optimizing for lowest latency.

Metro and Long Haul Connectivity: The network provides direct connectivity to over 125 key UK data centers, offering both Metro and Long Haul services.

Diverse Service Portfolio: euNetworks delivers a range of services including Long Haul and Metro Fibre, Colocation, Long Haul Wavelengths, and Metro Wavelengths.

Continuous Expansion: Continuously developing new routes and adding new data centers to its network, expanding its reach and capabilities.

European Reach: Beyond the UK, euNetworks extends its seamless experience across Europe to Dublin and 50 other cities, offering expansive coverage.

Sustainability Focus: euNetworks aids businesses in measuring emissions to meet ESG and sustainability goals with innovative tools like the Network Construction Carbon Tool and the Carbon by Service Tool. These tools provide transparency and data-driven insights into the environmental impact of network services.

euNetworks stands out

As a leader in delivering advanced, full-fibre network solutions to alternative network providers. Their commitment to extensive coverage, low-latency connectivity, and environmental sustainability positions them as a key player in the telecommunications industry.

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