AAA Sales Partners with EXA Infrastructure to Enhance Connectivity Across Europe and North America

We’re excited to announce our partnership with EXA Infrastructure, a leader in mission-critical digital infrastructure. This collaboration is a significant milestone in providing superior connectivity and scalability to our clients. EXA Infrastructure’s robust and low-latency network, spanning Europe and North America, perfectly aligns with our commitment to innovation and customer success.

Mario Kohl, VP Sales, Western Europe at EXA Infrastructure, shared his enthusiasm: “We are looking forward to partnering with AAA and bringing some great projects to life together.” This partnership is built on shared values of bold thinking, rapid growth, and strong connections, promising a future of exceptional network performance.

Key Highlights of EXA Infrastructure:

1. Subsea Leadership in Genoa: EXA Infrastructure has reinforced its subsea leadership with a new open cable landing station in Genoa. This station enhances connectivity between Europe and North America, providing businesses with faster, more reliable data transfer capabilities. The new facility underscores EXA’s commitment to expanding its infrastructure and offering unmatched connectivity solutions.

2. Expansion in North America: Continuing its growth, EXA Infrastructure has introduced a new route between Ashburn and Atlanta. This expansion supports the increasing demand for high-capacity network infrastructure in North America. By providing direct, low-latency connections between key data hubs, EXA ensures that businesses can scale rapidly and efficiently.

About EXA Infrastructure:

EXA Infrastructure is dedicated to fostering the current and future growth of its customers by delivering resilient and intelligent high-capacity networks. Their approach combines simplicity and efficiency, driven by a passionate team committed to excellence. EXA Infrastructure focuses on:

  • Think Bolder: Pioneering bold ideas and investments to create value for customers.
  • Grow Faster: Investing in the development of their team and helping colleagues succeed.
  • Connect Further: Building strong relationships to drive innovative solutions for customers.

EXA’s extensive network includes 125,000 kilometers of fiber routes and 300+ Points of Presence (PoPs) across Europe and North America. Their services are designed to support high-bandwidth applications and provide seamless, reliable connectivity.

Why This Partnership Matters:

Enhanced Connectivity: With EXA’s extensive network, AAA Sales can offer clients unmatched connectivity solutions that are both scalable and reliable. This partnership allows us to meet the growing demands of digital transformation and cloud adoption.

Innovation and Growth: EXA Infrastructure’s focus on innovative solutions and rapid growth complements our mission to drive customer success through advanced technology. Together, we can deliver cutting-edge infrastructure that supports our clients‘ strategic goals.

Strategic Locations: The addition of EXA’s new subsea cable landing station in Genoa and the expanded route between Ashburn and Atlanta are strategic enhancements that improve our ability to provide seamless connectivity across major business centers.

We invite you to explore how our collaboration with EXA Infrastructure can enhance your connectivity needs. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting projects that will drive the future of digital infrastructure.

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